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The QuarkNet Program

QuarkNet is a multi-year educational program that provides professional development and on-going support for high school physics teachers, in the form of hands-on workshops, lecture series, mentoring, and discussions on many issues related to teaching and learning physics.

QuarkNet at Syracuse University

The High Energy Physics group at Syracuse University is entering our third year of involvement in this program.  Each year sees a different set of activities, lectures, and educational components designed to foster a broader understanding of particle physics at the secondary school level. General information and contacts may be found in the information box in the left column on this page.  Further information on SU-specific activities may be found by clicking on the workshops for specific years.

Ranald Bleakley (Weedsport HS), Justin Shute (FM HS) and Dylan Hsu (SU) - working on an electronics project at SU QuarkNet Workshop 2012

Steve Blusk, Emily Kraus

SU QuarkNet Workshop 2012

SU QuarkNet Workshop 2012

This project is supported in part by the National Science Foundation and the Office of High Energy Physics, Office of Science, U.S. Department of Energy.